Flip Cup



August 2016

Q: What is a Privacy Policy?

A: It is a document that discloses how we collect, protect, share and use the information you provide to us and is intended for residents of Canada (excluding Quebec).

Q: Where can I find the Privacy Policy for this website?

A: This website is a part of MyMacs.ca™. The information you provide here is stored as a MyMacs.ca Account and the information you provide is governed by the MyMacs.ca Privacy Policy unless specifically stated below.

Q: Can you provide a few key points?

A: Sure. You are our customers and we have great respect for your privacy. Our goal is to earn your continued business by establishing your trust. As such, we treat your personal information and privacy in a manner such as we would want our own to be treated - sensitively and respectfully.

Q: Does anyone other than Mac's Convenience Stores get my information?

We do not sell, rent, give or otherwise distribute your information to 3rd parties without your requesting us to do so.  

Q: How can I find out more?

For more details, please refer to the MyMacs.ca Privacy Policy or Contact MyMacs.